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TAG Heuer has released a limited edition version of the Monaco V4, which is the first belt-driven movement in history and revolutionized transmission. In 2010 TAG Heuer launched a new revolution. For the first time ever, a motion-activated oscillator was reinvented: TAG Heuer uses magnets instead of traditional gossamer to drive the balance wheel.

Fake Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum watch

In luxury fake TAG Heuer Pendulum, the traditional gossamer is replaced by a “hidden” or virtual spring, made of magnets. The device becomes a harmonic oscillator. Magnetic fields generated by four high-performance magnets are controlled in 3D by complex geometric calculations, providing the linear recovery torque required to replace the oscillations of the balance wheel. TAG Heuer pendulum concept’s oscillation period resists disturbance dynamics, which makes it a very good timing device.

The movement built with this revolutionary oscillator is completely mechanical and does not contain any electronic equipment or drive actuators. For decades magnets have generated a constant magnetic field. Pendulum works at a rate of 4300 / h (6 hz). It requires no additional components and is based on physical magnetism. Built into a sporty case, the design is faithful to the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera classic: polished and sloping edges, curved sides of a black titanium case and faceted horns. Special dial sizes of 9 o ‘clock can be appreciated by TAG Heuer Pendulum replica watches, an avant-garde movement of the beating heart.

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The Pendulum Concept works at a rate of 4,300 Pendulum concepts per hour. TAG Heuer r&d team took 3 years to complete. Clearly, one of those “perturbation forces” that has not been defeated is temperature. This is the next step for the team, which is to look for magnets with lower temperatures. So maybe the 2015 timeline is a little optimistic. Now enter the case of TAG Heuer Grand Carrera Pendulum, a concept luxury copy TAG Heuer watches inspired by racing. It is said that the Grand Carrera was inspired by my modern GT car. The surface treatment is black titanium steel. It has a dial hole at 9 o ‘clock to observe the bouncing pendulum.